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 We give a 1 year 100% service instore warranty on every new sewing machine and
reconditioned sewing machines have 90 day warranty we sell.
A Lifetime of Free operational instructions with every sewing machine purchase from
Tri-State Sew & Vac., Inc.


3:00 pm
Little Quilts Monthly Table Toppers September Hoot & Holler: Little Quilts (Monthly Table Toppers) September Hoot Owl
3:30 pm
Baprons for babies & Toddlers using the PFAFF Binder tool & special ruler, makes it go very quickly!
12:00 am
Join & Fold Edging foot with IDT: Foot of the Month (Ruffler and narrow rolled foot 4mm)
4:00 pm
Join & Fold Edging foot with IDT: Foot of the Month (Join & Fold Edging foot with IDT)
10:00 am
Wiggle Wave: Join the Handi Quilter Heartfelt Ruler of the Month Club!
3:00 pm
Open Sewing with Paula: Open sewing/embroidery/quilting with Paula
3:00 pm
Embellish a sweatshirt for the man in your life!
2:00 pm
SEWDERBY: Sewing Derby (ages 5-15) must be accompanied with an adult to attend!