Loren & Paula
I've had my new machine for a year now.  It is a joy to use.  When I came to "window shop" I was treated with kindness... there was no pressure placed on me to make a purchase.
Since my old machine was about 40 years old, I was not prepared for the new technology.  Paula & Loren, you were always ready for another tutorial, and patient with my user errors.  Paula, I tease you about up "selling" the pressure feet-but you truly introduce me to the accessories that were suited to my sewing needs.
I came pretty skeptic-but I now feel like I work with good friends when I return  for thread, advice or a machine check up.  You have treated me with exceptional services.  I would be honored to be used as a reference.  Connie  Sioux City, Iowa

I love your store and the helpfulness and kindness is absolutely very welcoming.  I love my Elna 8300 that my husband purchased from you.  Not having much experience, Paula was very kind at taking time out of her busy schedule to give me some "hands on training" with my new machine.  I was in the store again since my one on one training with Paula and Loren is an awesome man also.  He's very patient and kind in helping patrons coming in to the store.  You have a wonderful store that is very clean and upon entering, a welcoming entry.  Always ready & willing to help each and everyone that enters your business and with professional and personal level.  I just gave a friend  of mine my one & only business card yesterday because he wants to buy his wife a new sewing machine.  I bragged how well you are treated at Tristate Sew & Vac.  Just a huge thank you Paula & Loren for that you have done for me.

 Sue Brown  

(5 stars)  
 "We recently purchased a new HQ 16 quilting machine and a new Pfaff Creative 4.0 embroidery machine. Had a great time helping Loren setup quilting machine and table. Lots of fun involved(Barb was gone). Paula and Loren spent a lot of time with us when we purchased the Pfaff. WE returned at a later date to solve some problems and questions we had. Paula was great. We all had a lot of fun together and am looking forward to visiting again soon. Speaking as a male: I was very impressed with presentations and had a great learning experience. Glad I went with Barb. Thanks for everything. I highly recommend anyone interested in quilting or sewing/embroidery to stop and visit Paula and Loren at Tri State Sew and Vac in the Indian Hills Mall in Sioux City, Iowa. You won't be sorry."  
From: William and Barbara Brazie of Wakefield, NE on January 20, 2010  

  My New Hobby-Embroidery & Quilting - Tri-State Sew & Vac., Inc. Sioux City, 51104 (5 stars)  
Tri-State Sew & Vac., Inc. 5 
 My New Hobby-Embroidery & Quilting 
I purchased a New Pfaff Embroidery Machine from Loren and Paula, a couple of years ago. I went to the store, with the intent of purchasing a new sewing machine, and ended up buying a new embroidery machine. I am amazed at what you can do, and make. It is fantastic- Paula has shown me, many new designs and ideas for things to make. I truly enjoy sewing, and watching projects become my master pieces. Paula and I have enjoyed many laughs and crazy ideas. This is my salvation when I need to de-stress or relax. I love my embroidery machine, and I would love to buy a newer model, but can't justify it - Paula & Loren,
 Thanks Loren and Paula for the enjoyment and fun. What great friends.

October 14, 2010 by Cathie Jacobsen in Sioux City, IA 
Merchant Response: "We so appreciate you, Cathie; you are a wonderful customer & friend! Look forward in seeing you soon! It is so good to laugh with you & share new ideas & technology. God bless you!" - October 14, 2010 

Great Support
 Paula goes over & above to help make the learning curve on my new, complicated sewing machine pleasant and "do-able". Loren's service has been great, too. Phone calls to trouble shoot have been a great help. Their shop has always been clean, bright and cheerful, without unnecessary clutter. If only they were closer (100 miles!)
November 18, 2010 by Sheila Currans in Spencer, IA 

(5 stars)  
We have gotten to know Paula and Loren quite well. Probably 8 to 10 years ago, I bought my first embroidery machine from them. Since then, have purchase 3 more embroidery machines & my last being the PFAFF Creative Vision, which I love dearly. Paula has been a big help teaching me how to use it as well as all the other machines. Whenever I have a problem or a question, to the phone I go and help is always on its way. We also have purchased a Lindhaus vac from them, which both my husband and I love. My last adventures with Tri-State Sew & Vac., Inc. was a HQ18 Avante'. Quilting System by the Handi Quilter Company;  I had a HQ-16 which I sold & then purchased the HQ18 Avante'. With both of these machines, I have received great service, alot of learning & sharing of ideas. We are very well satisfied with Tri-State Sew & Vac., Inc.

Bob & Nancy Frerichs
Concord, NE
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