New classes coming....
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New classes coming....

Finishing up some fun projects for granddaughters today!

by Paula Rudolph on 08/04/17

Want to have fun? We have lots of fun at Tri-State Sew & Vac., where you will find a sewers playground of machines.  Sewing machine, quilting machines, sergers, blindhemmers, coverhem machine, embroidery machines, longarm quilting system.  Whatever it is, when it comes to sewing machine equipment, we probably have it, or can get it. Plus we service what we sell & give a lifetime of FREE Operational instruction with purchase. Give us a call at 712-258-1188  Tri-State Sew & Vac, where we have years of experience!

below is a link to leave us a Review, let us know how we are doing, would be greatly appreciated!

by Paula Rudolph on 08/03/17

This little oneies for our grandson & attached, I made a vest!

by Paula Rudolph on 08/02/17

I am already thinking about the next one to make, we have another grandson due the end of August or 1st of Sept. It turned out so sweet. Had someone ask, if I would make one for another grandson coming, I had to say, no, I just don't think I have enough time, but it is something I will consider, if I get to  making them.  I had to make a pattern for the vest first, and I ask God to guide me & He did! Praise the Lord Jesus, He is always there. He inspires me often.

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We are a Fragrant-Free environment & really appreciate you, coming to shop 
(no perfume, hair spray, body wash, body spray, fabric softner,or smoke odor)  This keeps us healthy & ready to serve you. Thank you & may the Lord bless you as you help us with this. Thank you, Loren & Paula
Also, it is the cold & flu season, so if you are under the weather, please stay home, so we do not contract it too. Again, thank you so much, We appreciate all our many customers.
Happy new owner of HQ Avante', she is so talented! She did many quilts quilting with just a PFAFF Household sewing machine, & now, I can't hardly wait to see, what she is going to do with this longarm quilting system! She does amazing work & such a lovely gal, we had such fun, during the training session! Thank you Deb!

Open Monday 9 a.m.-5:30 p.m.
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With determination & perserverence, these lovely ladies, finished their first rag quilts. So proud of each of them. They learned alot & should be fun to cuddle with these blankets as the weather cools down. Fabrics all came from Tri-State Sew & Vac., and they were also able to experience PFAFF at it finest with top end machines. They had the biggest smiles, and really enjoyed the features. I think it made it go faster & better for them.  It is really fun to experience the latest technology, in whatever we are doing! Gives us goals to reach for!